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Here, you’ll find product updates, company news, and updates about my current and future projects.

Sometimes that might be video, sometimes that might just be photos. Maybe one day I will start listing plans for my different projects which you can try yourself. 

Check back every so often to see my latest updates. I will also be posting to social media and Youtube so be sure to follow me here too.

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Oak block chopping boards!!! Looking for a last minute gift? Oak chopping boards are the perfect answer! They come in two thicknesses : 40mm + 27mm. Priced at £30 and £26 respectively. Perfect as a serving board as well! AND I can deliver with in the city for free before Christmas!

My website is currently facing issues so please just message me here for more info. 

#choppingboard #oak #woodworking #christmas
All wrapped up and ready to go. Just some final assembly in situ and on to the next project! #furniture #woodworking #bespokefurniture
If you stick your head inside you can get all the little nooks and crannies. Just don’t get stuck… #carpentry #painting
Late night laminations. Although that bespoke sink unit is starting to come together. More soon! #carpentry #bespokefurniture #woodworking
Don’t build walls build bridges. However if you do want a feature wall built let me know! #joinery #woodworking #featurewall
Trying my hand at some engraving/brand making. I think it still needs some cleaning up but it’s getting there. #workinprogress #carpentry #engraving