Here you will find details of a few of the different projects I have been asked be part of. These vary from job to job and on occasion some unique problems have arisen which required some unique solutions.

I will be updating this page after each project. Check back every so often to see what I have been up to. 

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Simply Donuts - Shop Front

As part of the on going expansion and growth of Simply Donuts Aberdeen. I was requested to refit a garage to serve as a pop-up shop front from which customers could buy and pick up orders. This was a really interesting challenge as the garage was not build with this kind of use in mind. But through some careful planning and design I was able to retro fit a suitable space for the client. (Full disclosure the client is my wife. She makes amazing donuts which can be found here:

A rustic aesthetic was requested, and so to fulfil this I chose to recycle wooden pallets to create the counter. Due to the varying thickness of the planks this added a really nice visual texture to the counter. Rather than a flat vertical surface.

The back was was simply clad is chipboard which gives a subtle texture but with our drawing too much attention. Some simple shelves were added to provide areas which could hold plants and other decorative elements. These were again made out of recycled pallets.

Overall this garage conversion came out really well. It provides a clean and access able space for the business to operate from and continues the aesthetic from other areas of the business.

The Mobile Pantry

Custom fitting vans can bring a lot of interesting challenges and considerations. Extra thought has to be give to movement, stability and, for this project in particular, atmosphere.

Since the the van was going to be used as a mobile pantry which would be tasked with bringing food to those in need. The client asked that the space be as inviting and bright as possible. While also being durable enough to last several years.

Originally custom designed modular units were going to be fitted. These would allow the shelves to be repositioned and removed if needed. However due to external factors, the client had to go with pre-made ply shelves. Originally meant for tools and construction equipment. These were modified for the clients needs and cleaned up in order to fit the aesthetic better.

These shelves were paired with a mesh basket system. This would be where vegetable and fruit would be stored. 

All of these had to be fitted with movement in mind. Cans, vegetable, snacks, none of these could fall loose while in transit.

Finally a rubber matting was added to finish the floor. This was surrounded by a simple but clean trim.

For more information on this charity click here.

Simply Donuts Custom Island

Small businesses can be the best clients. Always presenting different or new challenges which are unique the them and no one else. 

Here the client, Simply Donuts, needed an island for their production kitchen. However, unlike a normal kitchen island which can be found in many houses, this island needed to house not only all of the primary ingredients for the donuts. But also space for all of the customers boxes ready for pick up. To top this off it also needed to be asthically pleasing and fit within the home of the client. (The production kitchen is right next to the front door.)

Durability also was a key feature. A very durable water based paint was used with a matt varnish applied on top. To finish the oak worktop, danish oil was used. This allows the surface to breathe over time, and as wear and tear are applied to the surface. A quick sand and a reapplication of oil is all it will need to look brand new.

The client was also concerned about flour and sugar getting stuck in the drawer mechanism. To combat this I made simple wooden runners which are rubbed down with bees wax to keep them running smoothly. This has the added benefit of being food safe as there are no oils of grease involved.

This was one of my most ambitious projects to date. Between the nail and screw less design to the additional requirements from the client. These was a lot of challenge involved.

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More projects coming soon...

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